I AM TRIO: Tell Your Story

The TRIO experience is a unique one for each and every student.  It is the first generation student who is paving the way for their family and future; the student fighting the barriers of poverty; the student who achieves success in the face of disability.  Each student has a story to tell that exemplifies the reasons why TRIO exists to build a new generation of college graduates.

TRIO serves hundreds of thousands of students nationwide with threats to funding on a daily basis. But TRIO is not a number and the stories of TRIO students are what bring it alive.  Tell your story here and share how TRIO works in your life.  YOU are TRIO.

What’s your story?

There are three ways you can share your story with us!

1.  Use the webcam recorder below and record your story using your computer and webcam. Your story will be available on the WA TRIO Website for others to view!

2.  Record your story using a video camera and upload it with the video uploading tool.

3.  Click on THIS LINK and answer the questions in the form.  We will refine your story for you and post it on the website!

Student Success Stories

Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program

Bruno Baltodano's story Mikaila Leyva's story Laura Zamudio's story Dr. Nallely Galvan Dr. Manee Moua


Student Support Services


David Buckingham Klondy Canales Ruben Cortez Carla Cribb Oscar Donis Tasha Dotson Hannah Dozier Ella Fields Donald Fleming Hilda Gonzalez Jeremy Harkness Debbie Herdon Eric Kiger Skyler Klagenberg Jahwahn Ligon Sergio Madrid Adam Mager Abdi Musa Levi Olson Oswaldo Camarena Alana Quigley Genevieve Saarenas Anthony Smith Ibette Valle


Upward Bound 2016

Bethany Bond

Carly Delabarre

Aminata Drammeh

Cat Dulmer

Jacquelyn Esqueda

Paola Esqueda

Kelly Fick

Olea Heavyn

Chad Larson

Jessa Marshall

Deja Morre

Ashleigh Palmer

Lily Price

Anthony Sanders

Dah Hser

2017 Stories

Rahmo Abdi

Kainen Bell

Hanan Gumal

Hannah Bennett

Solomila Bishko

Emmanuel Bonilla

Alejandra Cardoso

Cora Cornell

Emmanuel Garcia

Saniya Nov

Mark Outland

Ely Ricardo

Martimeano Villa

Please contact Tammy Napiontek if you would like to submit your alumni stories to be taken to Washington D.C. and shared with your Congressman/woman during Policy Seminar.tnapiontek@pencol.edu 


  Please use this template to create your own Student Success cards for your program promotion.