The Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs (NAEOP) invites you to apply for the 2017-18 Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI)!

The Emerging Leaders Institute was designed by NAEOP leaders who recognized the need to strengthen the association by developing potential leaders and prepare them to assume leadership positions at their respective state chapter and regional levels.

What is ELI?
The NAEOP Emerging Leaders Institute is a yearlong leadership development program that is designed to inspire, to help individuals grow personally and professionally, and to cultivate strong leadership within NAEOP and its participating State Associations. The program is designed to combine professional development, networking opportunities, and hands-on experiences to ensure successful continuation of NAEOP.  Every year, approximately two ELI participants are selected from participating NAEOP (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington) states.

ELI Goals:
By the end of the cohort year, each ELI participant will:

  • Understand the structures and histories of COE, NAEOP, and TRIO State Associations.
  • Have a broader understanding of the history of TRIO and the programs under the TRIO umbrella.
  • Meet and collaborate with leaders within the NAEOP community, particularly members of the NAEOP Board of Directors.
  • Have a concrete “Board” project and a development plan that will be worked on during the year with the ELI cohort.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of one’s own leadership style and how to effectively use it to work with others.

Commitments for Participation:
If selected, it would be expected that the candidate attend a full day ELI training prior to the NAEOP conference on Monday, October, 16th and the 2017 NAEOP Regional Conference from October 17-20, 2017 in Bellevue, Washington. ELI also attend a Pre-Conference onTuesday, October 17th, as part of their participation, free of charge.
View conference agenda here:  2017 NAEOP Conference Agenda

The ELI training will be reinforced with opportunities to participate in NAEOP and/or State Association Board phone meetings and an assigned cohort project via phone/web conference calls and email communication.

It is also expected that participants will continue to seek leadership opportunities, in either the state or regional TRIO organizations. This can include, but is not limited to things such as a TRIO State Association Student Leadership Conference, NAEOP Conference Planning Committee, NAEOP Peer Review Committee, etc.

What are the criteria to apply? 
The ELI application process is competitive so please keep in mind all of the following in preparing your application:

  • Membership – Candidate must be a current NAEOP project member. If selected, participants must maintain tenure of paid membership in NAEOP.
  • Leadership Potential – Candidate must have worked for a TRIO program for at least two years and show present success or future potential for success in leadership positions and assist in recruiting future ELI participants.
  • Commitment – Candidate must agree to attend all ELI training sessions, volunteer in some capacity at the NAEOP Regional Conference, and be committed to the possibility of furthering their leadership commitment by serving on various committees with the state or region. The applicant will participate in a Board Project over the duration of one year and be expected to communicate regularly and participate fully.
  • Supervisor Support – Candidate must obtain a letter of support from their supervisor.
  • Financial – Candidate is responsible for conference registration fee, lodging, travel and per diem to attend the full day of training.

ELI participants will be selected by mid-August to provide ample time to register for the NAEOP Regional Conference early bird registration. If you have questions about NAEOP Project membership, please contact NAEOP Treasurer Angie Klimko at

For more Information:
If you have questions regarding the ELI program, you can contact the ELI Co-chairs, Eric Juenemann at, or Kelly Foran at




The nomination period is open for the NAEOP Dr. Arnold Mitchem Leadership and Advocacy Award. 
The deadline for submitting nominations/nominee statements is August 1, 2017.
All those nominated and the winner will be announced at the NAEOP conference on the night of October 19, 2017. 
The Dr. Arnold Mitchem leadership and advocacy award recognizes a member of the NAEOP community who demonstrates a steadfast commitment to low- income and first generation students and exercises vigorous and influential leadership in the
TRIO community at the state, regional, or national level. The award recognizes the long 

and steady tenure of Dr. Arnold Mitchem who guided the 
Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) for more than 30 years in Washington, DC and across the landscape of higher education.
Guidelines for nominations include: 
1. Nominations can be submitted by current NAEOP members only.   
2. Nominees will be required to submit a one-page statement of credentials for the 
NAEOP Board to review. The statement will ask nominees to describe how their work meets the Spirit of the Dr. Arnold Mitchem Award. 
The NAEOP Board determines the recipient of the Dr. Arnold Mitchem Award.  
A recipient can only receive the award once.  
Past NAEOP winners include:
2014 – Phillip Dirks
2015 – Marc Coomer 
2016 – Sebastian Myrick

Please submit nominee statements to the email no later than August 1, 2017.

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